• Cyber Security Summer Camp

    20 August–24 August2016
    Ras Sedr, Sinaway Lagoon Resort

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  • Cyber Security Summer Camp

    Meals & Accommodation in triple rooms are included
    in 5 Days / 4 Nights

  • Cyber Security Summer Camp

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Message from Moataz Salah,

Cyber Security Camp Founder

This is a real Cyber Security Camp, We expect from you a less sleeping hours than normal. We will let you live the life of security professionals. This is not a training course. We are expecting a 12 hours of hands-on sessions, discussions, cyber games, challenges, meetings with mentors, one to one private chat every day. In these five days, you will be able to know if Cyber Security is your career for the next five years or not. You will get the chance to meet the experts, mentors and vendors representatives in different cyber Security fields, Network Security, Web Application Security, Mobile Secuirty and others. If you are planning to join a cyber security career or thinking to join a cyber security one, you should submit your name now. We have a limitation for 30 students only. Prepare yourself for the best ride ever.


5 Days / Nights of Cyber Security!

- 2016, Ras Sedr, Sinaway Lagoon Resort

The camp consists of a mixtures of hands-on sessions, team based challenges, cyber games, meeting with mentors and experts, and many others activities. Each day emphasising on different cyber security related capabilities. Cyber Security Camps are held at universities or other environments where accommodation and classrooms are available at a reasonable cost and will usually be spread over 5 days / nights

The Vision

Target Age : Up to 25 years old.
We are working with our partners to provide the first real Cyber Security Summer Camp in The Middle East. The idea behind the camp is to brief students on some of the concepts and challenges facing the cyber security profession today and in the future.

The Mission

companies and governments are desperately facing a lack in the cyber security talents. Finding a suitable candidate that can be recruited by companies became a hard job. our mission is to discover young talents and provide them to the Cyber Security Community

What do you get?

- Cyber Security summer Camp T shirt
- Tons of Material about Cyber Security
- Accommodation for 5 Days / 4 Nights in triple rooms
- Three Meals / Day
- Cyber Security Summer Camp Badges
- Certificate of Completion
- Prizes for the winners in the Cyber War Day
- Printed Copies of all Security Kaizen Magazine issues

Benefits for young people with a special set of skills:

- A chance for them to demonstrate those special skills
- The possibility to challenge themselves
- The program will act as a positive network, where various specialities can communicate
- It will also act as an awareness and appreciation platform
- To show how they can use these skills in a responsible and ethical way

Benefits for business and public authorities

- It will be a chance to encourage and develop young talents, and later build up a pool of talents.
- The availability of highly qualified trainees.
- The possibility to position themselves positively for those young talents, which otherwise cannot be reached via the classic job market.

Benefits for schools, universities and educational institutions

- To position themselves as a platform for skilled students
- To demonstrate the performance level of their own students
- To get more young people interested in computer security and to raise awareness of the importance of security


First Day

Cyber Security Career Planning
By: Moataz Salah

Cyber Security Career Planning : Day one focuses on introducing the different Cyber Security Career jobs opportunities to students. Attendees will be able to know how to put a career plan with a clear goal to achieve after 5- 10 years with milestones and action plan. The day is full of exercises and workgroup activities to build your future career. The Day ends with guest speakers who share their history on how they build their career.

Room Checkin

Welcome message

Different Cyber Security Jobs description

Strengths and weakness exercises

Cyber Security Career Planning

Determine your goal exercise


Cyber Security Career Paths

Action Plan exercises

Job Interview Simulator

Dinner Break

Career Advice Session

Second Day

Network Security
By Ahmed Atef Selim

Day two focuses on introducing the role of a network security engineer. Attendees will be able to know the basics of vulnerability assessment and penetration testing activities. The day is full of exercises and network security cyber challenges to build your skills in network security. The day ends with guest speakers who share their experience on how to work effectively in the network security field

Welcome message

Network Stacks , Models and information exchange

a practical peek under the hood


Gomma prayer ( 11:30 - 1:15 )

Visualization of network packets

playing with scapy and extracting data from network streams.


Handling network security in enterprise networks and Network pentesting procedures

Testing opensource network security tools


Abusing network stacks and hiding data

Secret chat in icmp and plenty others


Network Cyber Challenge


Evening Geeks Gathering

Third Day

Mobile Security Engineering.
By: Anwar Mohamed

Day three focuses on introducing the role of mobile security engineers. Attendees will get introducted to the basics of some securty architectures of different mobile platforms along with different defensive and offensive techniques used in today's world. The day is full of exercises and mobile security challenges to build your skills in this field. The day ends with guest speakers who share their experience on how to work effectively in the mobile security field.

Hack all the Mobiles ! - Introduction to Mobile Security

Android Architecture and Security Model

Build Your Own Pentesting Environment


Android Reversing and Malware

Live Malware Static and Dynamic Analysis


Android Network Analysis

A Real World MiTM and SSL MiTM Attacks


Android Application Pentesting and Exploitation

Fuzzing Apps using Burp - Apps Assessment using Drozer


Cyber Challenge


Fourth Day

Web Application Security
By: Amr Ragheb

Day four focuses on introducing the role of a web application security engineer, bug bounty programs and how to gain money from finding vulnerabilities online. Attendees will be able to know the basics of Web Application security, OWASP TOP 10 vulnerabilities and how to build their career in that field. The day is full of exercises and web application security challenges to build your skills in that field. The day ends with guest speakers who share their experience on how to work effectively in the Web security field.

Welcome message

Introduction to web security and bug bounties

How Web Works



Owasp top 10 - Injection attacks and XSS

Exercise 2

Coffee Break

Authentication and Authorization

Exercise 3


Security Misconfiguration

Exercise 4


Cyber Challenge

Fifth Day

Cyber Security War Game
By: All teams

This a full day cyber security game. We are simulating a Cyber Crime where a group of hackers kidnapped a small kid from his parents. Attendees will be distributed into teams. Each team will pass by different challenges to find clues that will help them find a way to find the kidnapped victim. The Cyber war game is full of fun, knowledge, skills and excitment

Cyber Security War Game


Closing, Certificates and prizes Delivery

The end



Old Cyber Security Summer Camp Mentors


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    Ticket for 3 persons: 2700 EGP

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